Koster woodworking planes

I have been fascinated by woodworking tools for as long as I can remember. Before turning to planes, I had restored a number of handsaws and really liked learning the skill of sharpening and filing new teeth.

me at the anvil

About ten years ago, just before I started my PhD, I made my first plane. This was a wooden jointer built up out of quarter sawn oak planks, rosewood inlays and sole. The oak had been drying for close to a century and seemed to have stabilized. To be honest, I don't use it and it permanently sits in my living room (as do most of the planes I build).

Shortly after finishing this first plane I purchased Kingshott's book (Making & Modifying Woodworking Tools) and I can clearly remember how excited I was by the prospect of being able to make metal planes myself. The art of dovetailing the sole and sides together simply blew my mind at first. After having tried it, it no longer seemed so daunting.

Throughout the years, I have made a number of woodworking planes, both metal and wooden ones and I intend to show some of them on this website. Additionally, I have worked on other woodworking projects, including furniture and a sailing boat.

About me

my reflection

I am a physicist working at the university of Groningen working on organic semiconductors and devices thereof. Besides my dayjob, I am an enthusiastic woodworker and maker of planes. I do not sell any of my planes; this website merely documents my quest for the perfect plane.

I highly appreciate any comments and/or feedback; please just send me an email.